Microsoft .NET Trainer & Developer

Harold Javier

About Me

Hi, my name is Harold Javier. I am an independent Microsoft .NET trainer, developer, and resource speaker from the Philippines. I give trainings, workshops, and seminars on topics about Microsoft's ASP.NET, C#, LINQ, and HTML5.

I have years of professional and teaching experiences in the field of Information Technology (IT) and Mathematics. I used to teach at some top-notch IT and engineering schools in the Philippines like Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) and AMA Computer. I gave trainings & seminars in some leading colleges such as Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP), Mapua School of IT, DFCAIT Training Institute, several AMA Colleges, and Guagua National Colleges in Pampanga.

I began my career as a professional freelance Microsoft .NET developer 7 years ago after I successfully developed a .NET-based intranet application for a start-up company (literally from scratch). Since then, I develop a couple of .NET applications either as a hobby or as an independent or freelance developer for numerous clients in the Philippines and even in Singapore.

Training students and professionals is my real passion. I started giving trainings and seminars on topics about Information Technology, particularly Networking Technology and Web Development, in 2004. I had a privilege to train students, faculty members, and IT staffs from some leading IT and engineering schools in the Philippines, either as an IT lecturer or as an IT resource speaker.

In 2011, I received a small token from a government-owned IT school as the Most Proficient IT Instructor for topping the proficiency test and evaluation given to all IT instructors in the institute. The said school was built in 2008 to give quality education to thousands of poor and disadvantaged high school graduates and learn IT skills through scholarship program awarded by the city government to deserving students. I truly appreciate that simple recognition from the school that helped me become a better trainer and mentor.

Did you know that I was a former Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Specialist of the United Nations (UN) Volunteers Programme in the Philippines?

Actually, I was one of the pioneers of the UNV-Cisco ICT Program in the Philippines (sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc.) from 2005 - 2006. My mission was to promote the value of ICT in our country through the use of ICT Learning Program and to collaborate with other agencies in eliminating issues of gender equality in IT. This great experience helped me to truly understand how to fill the gap between the industry requirements and the academia in terms of relevant training. And it made me realize how much both our students and professionals need proper trainings from someone with valuable experience from two different worlds.

My primary work day consists of writing software programs, developing .NET applications, reviewing codes, blogging, consulting, teaching, mentoring, and training IT students and/or professionals, and giving talks and seminars to schools and colleges. I also maintain a blog "dot Net From Manila", where I share my experiences and solutions to some common problems we experience as Microsoft .NET developer. I live in Las Piñas City, Philippines with my lovely wife, Lany, together with our pretty and smart daughter, Helen.

Professional Experiences

As Microsoft .NET developer, I had a privilege to develop several web applications such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, a Logistics Management System (LMS), an intranet monitoring system for a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company, an online sales inventory for a Korean products distributor, an intranet accounting system for a cooperative, an online review portal for a nursing review center, and several websites for online classified ads and real estate.

For the majority of my software and web development career, I have worked for myself. I founded a start-up company, MITXpress Solutions, in 2007 right after I successfully developed and deployed my first .NET-based intranet application for a BPO company and made a small amount of money to start my first ad(venture). At first, MITXpress was involved in developing web applications using ASP.NET, C#, and VB.NET for numerous small to medium-sized businesses. In 2008, I made a not-so-good decision for entering the retail business and selling of various computer-related products without understanding the market and literally without any sales/marketing plan at all! It's one of the unforgettable event in my life as an entrepreneur. Two years later since I started the company, I decided to shutdown the retail business and focused on working as a freelance .NET developer. Through this experience, I became better and smarter entrepreneur.

From 2012 to 2013, I led a group of .NET developers in creating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software called SMARTCRM (SMARTCRM) for a BPO company in Quezon City, Philippines. Just two months after we launched the software, one of the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines got interested on us and decided to make us their accredited software development industrial partner.

In early 2014, I led the same group of .NET developers in developing a Logistics Management System (LMS) software called juanLogistics (juanLogistics) for an International Freight & Cargo services company in Pasay City, Philippines. The LMS is simply one the best logistics management software for the freight and forwarding companies in the Philippines. We literally developed the LMS, a .NET-based intranet application from the ground up.

Today, we are looking for an opportunity to help another organization, company, or individual in developing a software for business or personal purposes. I can be reached at 0915 636 8736.

Educational Background

My education has been comprised of both classroom experiences through top engineering school, as well as through trainings, seminars and conferences. I graduated with Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) from Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) in Manila City, Philippines in 2002. I am a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer and one of the pioneers of Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP) at MIT in year 2000.